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Balconies are additions to buildings that add extra space outside of the building. Far too many are often under maintained and need repair to maintain structural integrity. Pacific Coast Contracting has time and time again coated and protected this overlooked area on or around your building. The proper balcony can be utilized for entertaining your clients, friends, and family or for rest and relaxation. It’s the area that creates unforgettable times for people who patron your facility. Restaurants use them for seating, hotels give their clients a bit of the outdoors, many outdoor theaters have them to seat more people in the venue. Pacific Coast Contracting can make your balcony resist the elements, extending the life of your balcony and your happiness.


Balconies left untreated can wear and degrade over time. This could turn into unexpected costly repairs. There is also the risk of collapse, if the structural integrity is compromised from years of wear. Collapse could cause damages and added expenses to your business. Pacific Coast Contracting can ensure that your balcony will last for years to come. Restore your balcony to safety, we would be glad to help.