Seamless Floor and Wall Systems

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Seamless floor and wall systems create a smooth transition between the floor and the wall. In most instances this will bring the the floor and the wall together with the same material. Seamless floors and walls will have one consistency through out the room allowing you to see no difference between the two. This smooth transition is ideal for cleanliness as there are no cracks for deposits of any kind to lodge under your material. This minimizes the growth of mold and bacteria in the places you cannot see or clean.

Pacific Coast Contracting specializes in seamless transitions. This system is popular in the food service industry and medical field, where cleanliness is high priority. Discuss your options with your Pacific Coast Contracting consultant and see what transitions look best in your surroundings. This technology can be applied in conjunction with waterproofing techniques and cementitious topping. Please take a look at other services we provide to match your ideal project.