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Epoxy Floor Coating

epoxy flooring

At Pacific Coast Contracting we specialize in Industrial flooring and coatings, including high performance sanitary floor and wall systems, tank linings, chemical resistant coatings, secondary containment, ESD (electro-static discharge) ¬†flooring, wall reinforcement systems. We will make your work space an area you can be proud of. Make your working life easier when it’s time for clean up.

We can pour your new concrete or take your existing concrete floor and add the epoxy. The epoxy will give your floors a beautiful finish and preserve the underlying concrete. There are a wide array of finishes and colors available in epoxy coatings. Check out our other services pages to read more about floor coating, or contact one of our representatives to ask questions more in depth.

Adding an epoxy finish makes it last longer, clean easier and look better on a constant basis. Epoxy will help prevent corroding that can happen to the rebar in the concrete.