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Chemical Resistant Flooring

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Floor coverings that resist chemical substances without incurring damage are of vital importance in areas such as, college and university labs, where chemicals are used and spills are possible. Most companies are in contact with hazardous materials and could benefit from preventing accidents  that will result in expensive replacements. The aesthetics of your floors while keeping them free of corrosion are another reason to invest in chemical resistant flooring.

Specifying the appropriate chemical-resistant floor covering for your laboratory or work space requires the knowledge of several factors:

– The exact nature of the chemicals (single substances or compounds).
– Concentration.
– How long will the chemical be in contact with the floor(keep in mind your chemical cleaning procedures).

Specialized chemical resistant flooring demands a safe and consistent function in the presence of environmental and industrial chemicals. Working with Pacific Coast Contracting on laboratory floors, clients benefit from our extensive selection of chemical resistant coatings. These acidic chemical agent resistant paint coatings offer a variety of valuable qualities. Acidic chemicals are serious business and no one understands that better than Pacific Coast Contracting. Let us make your floors look amazing and be practical at the same time.