Concrete Sealers


Protect your concrete surfaces. Pacific Coast Contracting concrete sealers are designed to stop water leakage and prevent cracks due to thermal changes, settling or stress-induced damage. Over time these elements will diminish the quality of your concrete. Sealers are made by us to fill in concrete to prevent moisture from entering the flooring. Sealers also serve to protect embedded rebar from corrosion damage. With our years of experience we have learned to implement a variety of systems, applications and products to provide superb solutions for these problems.

Water can be your concretes worst enemy. Water gets into the smallest crevasses of your slabs and can cause erosion. If it becomes cold enough and the water freezes the cracks and push apart and further damage your concrete. Pacific Coast Contracting knows how and where these issues happen so trust in them to handle your project with the care that comes from twenty plus years of experience.