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Roof and Parking Deck Coating

Roof and Parking Deck

If your roof is made from metal, composite, gravel, tar, concrete or even an older coated material can be waterproofed by Pacific Coast Contracting’s experts. Your top floor will be coated in the latest resin technology has to offer. Pacific Coast Contracting  will use the latest technologies available to increase the longevity of your surface.

  • By utilizing high build elastomeric coatings, Pacific Coast Contracting offers roof and  parking deck waterproofing services that will withstand the most rigorous and hazardous conditions. Our coating options include 100% solids polyurethanes, polyureas, flexible epoxies, radiant barrier coatings, and waterproofing membranes that ensure full weatherproofing. Roof and parking deck coating systems can be engineered to provide UV resistance, algae/mildew resistance and can also be combined with reflective pigments to cool the roof or deck surface.

  • Roofs and decks made from metal, composite, gravel, tar, concrete and even previously coated substrates are all candidates for Pacific Coast Contracting’s waterproofing services. Prior to coating, surfaces are pre-treated with a compressed air blow down, pressure washing, low spot filling, and the flashing of openings and seams are fully checked. Our roof and deck coatings can be flood and leak detection tested to ensure that they meet customer and industry standards.