Under Tile Membranes


Under tile membranes are an important part of the tile process. The membrane allows for a watertight surface under the tile. It is applied with adhesive before the tile is placed. This important layer helps protect your floors, walls, and even your roof from leaks that lead to water damage.

Pacific Coast Contracting can install under tile membranes to protect your property from flood and leak damage. Wood under the tile membrane will stay dryer and have less susceptibility to mold, preserving your original investment. Membranes are also a way to keep heat in and out of your building. Installing them in conjunction with your normal tiling keeps the elements out.

Pacific Coast Contracting has more than twenty years experience in professional installation of flooring, roofing and wall protection. When it comes to installation you deserve the best, most professional service in the business. Your building will be better equipped to handle the hottest summers and coldest winters. Pacific Coast Contracting stands behind its work and the products they use to make your project stronger and last longer.